This is how Shop USA Packages from the United States work

Get your parcels shipped from the US to Australia

With ShopUSA you have the opportunity to ship everything home from the USA. And, in fact, it is only your own imagination that sets the boundaries, for the US market is the pure laggard for the tanned online shopper. Here, the range of American webshops is larger than Australian webshops. And often the goods hit the American shelves first! So why not start the American shopping adventure today? It's a lot easier than you think, and you not only save money on your purchases, but also on the freight if you choose to have ShopUSA ship your packages from the US to Australia.

We have created an instructional video explaining how the ShopUSA concept works.

That is how it works


You get your own personal ShopUSA address


Start shopping online at any USA retailer. Ship your products to your ShopUSA address on checkout


Once received, you can Login to view, consolidate & ship your packages at up to 85% discounts


Receive your packages within 2-4 days in Australia



Up to 85% lower rates than the competition with premium or low-cost delivery to your doorstep.


Express shipping in only 2-4 days.


Our Premium customers SAVE on average $35 by consolidating multiple products into a single box.


Choose to prepay duties & taxes to avoid customs delays and additional invoices upon delivery.


Repacking, consolidation, detailed photos, returns and much more.


Insure your products 100% to eliminate any worries

Sign up for Free US address.

Please complete and submit our online registration and begin shopping right away with your personal ShopUSA address.

  • Basic Membership

    Perfect for one-time shoppers. Receive our discounted shipping rates and fast delivery and 5 day free storage.


    Perfect for regular shoppers who may shop two or more packages in a year. Receive discounted shipping rates, free package consolidation, multiple package discounts and 30 days free package storage.

Note:Premium membership is the best value for money, it helps you to perform consolidation and save in up to 85% shipping charges. You can upgrade to Premium membership at any time.

Start shopping online at any US stores and ship your products to your ShopUSA address. All the top brands provide great deals and only available in US stores like Best Buy, eBay, Amazon, Gap, Ralph Lauren, Nordstrom and 6PM. Please ensure you enter your ShopUSA address and add your Member ID in "Address 2" field at checkout, and your purchases will be shipped (mostly for free) to our USA Warehouse by the retailers.

  • US Stores always provide great discounts, deals and coupons are available to redeem 24/7 online
  • Our blog will give you Insider insights to top US retailers, the latest deals and season offers
  • You may check for country specific prohibited or restricted guides to assist shopping.
  • We shall send Email notifications with hand-picked product recommendations just for you

Note:You may buy multiple products from multiple US stores with one easy checkout

Consolidate to save more & Ship.

Once your order received in ShopUSA warehouse, you will be notified via email. You may login to view and manage all your packages from your ShopUSA online account, 24/7. ShopUSA experts will record product details for you for export clearance and will inspect every package to ensure no items are damaged. Subsequently you package will securely stored in our warehouse

  • Please instruct which packages to consolidate and ensure you get the biggest savings on shipping costs
  • Feel free to request extra packaging material, fragile stickers and a variety of other packing options
  • Once you are ready to ship, simply submit a ship request through our online account system.
  • You may select your preferred carrier and shipping method, or let us choose the least expensive option

Note: ShopUSA Premium membership offers 30 days free storage and multiple package discount so you can maximize your savings with our package consolidation service.

Delivery at your door step

We are partnered with world’s leading express companies like FedEx, UPS and DHL. You'll get fast delivery at discounted rates, thanks to our long-term relationship. Once packages leave ShopUSA they can be delivered to Australia in 2-4 days. Our experts closely monitor the package movement from our US warehouse to Australia. We monitor the package movement every step and ensure you receive your package on time and every time.

  • Monitor your shipment's progress as soon as it leaves our facility with real-time tracking information
  • With ShopUSA expertise, you will enjoy an easier customs process and regulatory document preparation
  • Our customer support team will closely monitor the package and addresses any possible shipping or delivery issues. You may relax at home to receive the package.
  • Get US packages delivered to virtually anywhere in Australia.

Note:You may wait until you have multiple packages in your suite and we will consolidate your packages into one shipment and save you up to 85% in shipping cost.