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Borderlinx suspended? Ship with!

Are you trying to ship a package but noticed that Borderlinx has suspended their operation as of May 8th, 2018?

No need to worry, you can use for easy, fast & cheap shipping worldwide!

As of May 8th, 2018 – Borderlinx has closed their USA operation indefinitely according to their website.  But no need to worry as is still alive & well with better rates than ever before.  We have been in operation since 2003 and we have over +200,000 customers worldwide.  We have deeply discounted rates with UPS, who is our trusted carrier worldwide.  We offer Express or Expedited shipping with 2-3 day or 4-8 day shipping.  In addition to fast shipping, you have full tracking & insurance all the way to your doorstep. allows you to shop from ANY online retailer in USA using our address as your very own shipping address in USA.  Once we receive your packages, we measure the weight & dimensions and register them into our system (the weight & dimensions we measure will determine your final shipping price).  You will get an automatic email notification when packages are registered, at which point you can Login to create a ship request.

Why choose ShopUSA?

  1. FREE sign up for our Basic membership.
  2. ONLY $1.99 per month for our Premium membership (30 days of free storage & consolidation services included for up to $35 extra SAVINGS on each shipment – our competition charges as much as $7 per month for same membership benefits).
  3. SAVE up to 80% more on shipping (ship clothing for as low as $26, shoes as low as $29 & cellphone as low as $44).
  4. FAST shipping (2-3 days)
  5. FULL tracking all the way to your doorstep.
  6. GREAT transparency through Login dashboard where you can see pictures of your package inside & out, view tracking information and request extra services like consolidation & repacking.
  7. 100% Insured shipments (you can insure your shipment 100% for a small fee).

Where can I shop online in USA?

ANYWHERE!  That is the beauty of But if you are looking for ideas, then we have put together our customer favorites by product category in link below:

How can I minimize my shipping costs?

Our Premium customers really take advantage of our consolidation & repacking services.  If you are shipping a single box, then we recommend to repack the products in a smaller box.  If you are shipping multiple boxes, then we recommend consolidating those products into one box before shipping.  By doing so, you can SAVE on average $35 on your shipment.  On top of that, we offer up to 80% discounts on shipping worldwide.

Calculate your shipping costs as well as duties & taxes here:

How do I handle customs duties & taxes?

When creating a ship request via Login page, you tell us what you are shipping & the value of the products.  Using that information, we prepare an electronic commercial invoice which is used to clear your products through local customs.  We are the only package forwarder that we know of that allow you to PREPAY those duties & taxes beforehand.  We guarantee the costs with no hidden fees (assuming the stated product values you give us are accurate).  If you prepay, you don´t have to worry about any other charges upon receiving your packages.  You can also choose ‘collect’ to pay duties and taxes upon receiving in local country.  We listen & value your decision so we allow you to choose to prepay or collect!

Calculate your shipping costs as well as duties & taxes here:

I need my package really FAST, how long do I have to wait?

We understand your needs and we offer EXPRESS shipping to meet those needs.  Once we ship your package from our facility, it will arrive at your doorstep in only 2-3 business days to any country in the world.  YES, it is that fast!!

Sign up today for FREE by clicking here & use coupon code ‘SHOPPINGSPREE’ to SAVE $10 on your 1st shipment.

Note:  Coupon valid until June 15th and limited to 1 per user.



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