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Economy shipping discontinued

Dear valued customers.

As always, we listen and value your feedback.  We started offering Economy shipping through DHL eCommerce a few months ago.  We wanted to provide a low-cost alternative to our Express and Expedited shipping methods with UPS.  For Economy, the transit time was 8-14 days instead of the 1-3 days with Express and the tracking was very limited.  After several months of experience, the lower cost of Economy shipping was not enough to outweigh the service issues experienced by some of our customers.  Therefore, after increasing demand by our customers – we decided to discontinue our Economy shipping method and instead re-negotiate our UPS contract for lower Express & Expedited rates.  Good news, we were able to achieve this and we are passing the increased discounts 100% through to you!

So going forward, we will not offer Economy shipping, we will only offer you the best service possible for the lowest price possible.  Some of our competitors may offer Economy-based shipping but some of us now have first-hand experience on how that type of shipping really is.  We want nothing but smiles on our customers’ faces and we will always demand from our international carriers a flawless shipping & delivery experience.  If you feel that your experience is below your expectation then please share your experience with us so we can continue to improve and/or put pressure on our partners.

We look into the future with confidence of serving all of your needs with premium shipping products only.  We are continuously re-negotiating our shipping rates and will always strive to offer you the lowest possible rate around the world.

Please use discount code “ECONOMY” for $20 discount on Express & Expedited shipments for the inconvenience this change may have caused.  Valid from May 30 to June 7.

Thanks & happy shopping to you!

– ShopUSA Team

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