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Fitbit Watches

Track Fitness

Probably you want your wrist watch to do much more. In the first place, you may want the wrist watch to monitor your basic health. So, you are certainly looking for fitbit watches. Fitbit watches help in various activities such as tracking your sleep, counting your walking steps, and so on. Then, you may want to shop for fitbit watches at say, Amazon at a good price. Afterwards, you may ensure the health of your shipment by booking through ShopUSA.

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Available Models

Having decided to buy fitbit watches, it is equally important to know the different varieties that are available. First is the Ionic which is water resistant and helps in tracking fitness, sleep, and calorie count. The next is the Versa. The Versa make of fitbit watches have to be connected to a Smartphone as they do not have an in-built GPS. Both these models of fitbit watches are available at online stores such as Walmart. While Ionic has Fitbit pay to help you make mobile payments, only certain special editions of Versa support mobile payments.

Fitbit Store

In addition to other online stores such as Best Buy, you may also buy fitbit watches directly from the fitbit online store. Besides that, you can also shop for accessories for fitbit watches at the fitbit online store. Note that when you ship through ShopUSA, $20 filing fee (EEI) is applicable if product value of shipment is greater than $2,500.

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Perfect Shipment

It is important to realize that prior to buying premium products such as fitbit watches from Amazon or other online stores, you do proper due diligence. Talking of premium, when you sign up for a premium membership with ShopUSA, you can take advantage of the multiple-package discounts and FREE consolidation. For further queries, please do read our Frequently Asked Questions section or Mail us on

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