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How to ship products cheap & fast from USA!

Hello global shopper!

Ever wonder how to get products from USA retailers that do not offer international shipping? Or always thought that shipping from USA was too expensive?

Those problems are solved using ShopUSA!

We are experts in consolidating & shipping packages worldwide from USA. A typical customer of ours purchases multiple products from multiple USA retailers and has all of the products sent to our/your USA address (1424 Baker Road, Virginia Beach, VA 23455). As soon as we receive your package, we take a picture of package both inside & out as well as measure the dimensions and weight (which determine your shipping costs). Once that is done, you will receive an automatic email that your package is received (remember to include your Member Name and Member ID on package so we can correctly register it to your account).

Your Login page will be updated with all of the packages you have in our facility. If you have multiple packages then we recommend consolidating the products inside those boxes into one single box (available for Premium members at $1.99 per month). Once you are ready to ship, you go through the 3 easy steps of the checkout process as stated below:

Step 1: Product Information

Let us know what product you are shipping, a short description, number of units and total invoice amount. This information will be used to create a commercial invoice that is used to customs clear the goods at destination.

Step 2: Shipping Information

Let us know how fast you want to ship. We offer a premium shipping method (2-3 business days) with full tracking through UPS but also a slower shipping method (6-15 business days depending on country) with DHL eCommerce if you are looking to save money. You can choose to either prepay the duties & taxes or to get an invoice from your local customs instead. Lastly, you can choose whether to insure your shipment 100% if you are shipping valuable goods.

Step 3: Payment Information

We currently accept VISA & Mastercard but are looking to add more options in near future.



It really is that simple and we have been doing this since 2003. Pick the most trusted package forwarder in USA, choose ShopUSA – ‘You Shop, We Ship!’

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