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Clocky robotic alarm

A solution to lazy-hazy mornings-

Finding it hard to wake up in the mornings? Not waking up early can make your whole day gloomy and lazy. Well, who doesn’t use an alarm? But the question is how effective is your alarm clock? Introducing to you if you did not know already – Clocky alarm clocks. It is one of the most innovative products created to make you stand on your feet. Yes, Clocky alarm clocks are built to be determined to wake you up from your sleep. How is that you ask?

Clocky- Alarm on wheels!

Clocky alarm clocks come with wheels that help it ‘run away’ when you try to snooze it. Yes. As funny and amazing as it sounds, it is indeed true. The clock lets you snooze for once but the second time you go for it, it goes away on its wheels beeping. You will have no option but to wake up, stand on your feet and get the clock stop. It is a great innovation to wake you up from your heavy sleep the right way. This is more effective than your mobile alarms. Wondering how?

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Clocky robot

A better option than your phone alarm

Mobile alarms are good but you always have an option to snooze it until you feel like waking up. On the other hand, the Clocky alarm makes sure you wake up and get on your feet. Another best thing is that this clock instigates a morning activity that is otherwise not an option in your regular phone alarms. Also, this clock is quirky and a great piece of addition to your side table. Make the most of your mornings by bringing home Clocky Alarm Clock. Not sure where to find it? Well, head to ShopUSA right now to find them in different colors and choose your best!

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