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Desulfator Charger

What happens to your batteries when left unused?

When something sits for so long, it starts to whither. The same goes for even batteries. Just because you haven’t used it for a long time does not mean there’s enough energy saved in it to let you use it for a long time. We would have often come across battery leaks in unused watches. When a battery is not used for a very long time, it leads to sulfation. A lead-acid battery or a conventional battery, when left unused, builds crystal sulfates on the battery plates. Over time, Desulfator chargers make it less effective. If you haven’t been taking your car out, then you should probably check on this Newegg. But worry not, we have a solution for this.

All about desulfator chargers you need to know

You can now retrieve your dying battery, thanks to the battery desulfator charger. Taking your car to an automobile center might need time and effort to recharge your battery. But what if you could do it at home by yourself? A desulfator charger checks your battery health and the amount of sulfation. It later tries to restore the battery’s capacity. The charger works by using a high-frequency current pulse to remove the extra buildup of sulfates allowing the battery to dissipate. It usually takes 48 hours or more, depending on the kind of battery you are trying to desulphate. But remember, it only works on batteries with sulfate buildup on the inside and not on batteries with cell damage.

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