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George Washington (Presidents’) Day

American Hero

Tech-savvy Indians, the day to grab the best technology on offer is just around the corner. As a result of America celebrating George Washington (Presidents’) Day, retailers offer good deals on technology products. Talking of George Washington, he is one of the greatest of the American heroes and is considered the Father of the Nation. Consequently, the third Monday of February every year is celebrating to remember him. The most noteworthy part is that it is a federal holiday and hence retailers provide great deals on their products on George Washington (Presidents’) Day. Now that online shopping provides you the freedom to get great products from US online retailers, you also have the freedom of choosing the appropriate membership options of ShopUSA.

February third Monday

In addition to celebrating the birthday of their first president, Americans also remember their past presidents on George Washington (Presidents’) Day. While George Washington’s birthday is on February 17th, to ensure that people get a three-day weekend, the George Washington (Presidents’) Day is celebrating on the third Monday of February every year. Hence, people get a three-day weekend to have good personal time and to also pay homage to their nation’s leaders.

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George Washington (Presidents’) Day sale

Though traditionally, George Washington (Presidents’) Day is associated with mattresses sale, off late technology products are also on offer at great prices. The most noteworthy part of the sale was discounts of up to USD 500 on laptops, tablets, computer accessories and such by a leading US retailer. Even more exciting was the discount from Microsoft on its Xbox One games on George Washington (Presidents’) Day. For the reason that you must get your online purchases on time, choose ShopUSA, the shipping company which reflects the discounts on the shipping charges.

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While technology products garner your attention during the sale on George Washington (Presidents’) Day, remember stores such as JC Penney and US-Mattress have offered 40% to 60% off on mattresses in the past years. To add to your discounts, choose the Premium membership option of ShopUSA and get 40% off on multiple packages. Best courier from US to India is ShopUSA.
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