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Labor Day Sale

Labor Day Offers – Ship from USA to India

As a result of the recognition of the worker’s movement, India celebrates Labor day on May 1st. In contrast, the Labor day in the US is celebrated on the first Monday of September. The difference is due to the US government’s decision to provide another holiday between the Independence day and Thanksgiving day. Yes, Labor Day is a federal holiday in the US. It gives people a long weekend to spend time with their respective families and also shop at online stores such as Cubavera to get 40% discount on clothes. Above all, you can also purchase such items from India. And as an Indian customer when you shop at a US online store, provide the US address of ShopUSA.

History of Labor Day – Shopping USA

The US labor day has a long history. The most noteworthy part is that it started in 1882 and then made a national holiday in 1894. And it also certainly means the end of summer and the start of the American football season. Besides that, people celebrate Labor day by enjoying fireworks and going on picnics. Furthermore, US stores such as Sears and Walmart provide discounts on clothes and mattresses on Labor Day.

Labor Day - Ship from USA
Labor Day - ShopUSA ship from USA to India
Labor Day - Shipping to India
ShopUSA - Labor Day Offers
Labor Day - Big Save with ShopUSA
Labor Day Deals - USA Shops
Labor Day Best Deals - Shopping USA

How to Ship Labor day Offers Products from USA to India?

>Get a USA Address with ShopUSA Free Sign Up!

>> Ship Products to warehouse in USA using ShopUSA Address

>> Create Ship Request from Login Page

>> Receive your product at the doorstep in India.

Holiday Sales – Ship to India from USA

While Sears had given 60% off on mattresses, Beyond Yoga offered 60% discount on leggings for Workers. Above all, stores such as Bluebella gave 30% – 70% off on women’s wear during the entire week that followed the Labor day. In addition to clothes and mattresses, you can great discounts on shoes at during Labor Day. Hence do your research well and avail of the best deals for workers from US online stores. And to get the shipments home to India on time, you may want to sign up for the appropriate membership option with ShopUSA.

Shopping in USA Ship to India using ShopUSA Address, Click Here to get your Virtual Address

ShopUSA’s Shipment Services

The most noteworthy part of the services of ShopUSA is that we ship to India in two to four days. First of all, after receipt of the packets, ShopUSA intimates you through an email. There are other user-friendly practices that we follow and to hear about them

Furthermore, for queries, please do read our Frequently Asked Questions or Contact our Customer Service, The team is operational every weekday from 10 AM to 7 PM and can be contacted at 7305 605 605.

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