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St. Patrick’s Day

Day of Celebration

Have you seen the Gateway of India in Mumbai turn green? Yes. It does so on St. Patrick’s day. Most importantly, the day is in recognition of St. Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland. While it is predominantly an Irish festival, the world over it is celebrated on March 17 with equal importance. Above all, parades are held in different cities of the US on St. Patrick’s day. Besides that, people also shop from stores such as Claire’s on St. Patrick’s day. Such stores offer even a 50% discount on accessories. And for shipments of purchases through ShopUSA, select the Premium option as it enables you for a 40% discount on multiple packages and also the consolidation service is free with this option.

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St. Patrick’s Day in the US

The tradition of the St. Patrick’s Day started in the US as a result of the Irish soldiers. Another reason for the spread of St. Patrick’s Day celebrations across the US was due to the Irish immigrants. Though certainly not a federal holiday, people do shop and celebrate on this day. Hence the US online stores offer deals to attract consumers. For the reason that gifting is a tradition on St. Patrick’s Day, a store such as Gourmet Gift Baskets offers 10% discounts on gift baskets.

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Patronize online stores

While it is good to look out for Irish themed accessories and green gifts for St. Patrick’s Day, stores such as The Irish store offer deals on other products too. For example, 20% off on sweaters, home goods, and so on. Similarly, if you are looking for reusable decorations, Pier 1 imports in the place to look for. Besides that, St. Patrick’s Day falls in March and in the immediate month, i.e, April, you have Easter. Hence, stores would be offering deals probably in advance during March itself. Look out for them too. And look no further beyond ShopUSA as your shipment option.

St. Patrick’s Day shipment

For the reason that you have shopped to your heart’s content at stores such as Tipsy Elves for the shirt, leggings, and more for St. Patrick’s Day, you would have a lot of shipments. A suggestion from ShopUSA is for you to select the consolidation option. Our warehouse staff will use their expertise to consolidate multiple boxes into as few boxes as possible.

Should you have any questions, feel free to look at our Frequently Asked Questions or contact our Customer Service. A Team will be ready every weekday from 10 AM to 7 PM at 7305 605 605.

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