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Have too many cables and find it difficult to unplug and re-plug because you want to use another device? Now say goodbye to that mess for we all have something else to manage this chaos. Say hello to the new age USB hubs. Multiple cables of various purposes are connected with hubs.It can be a handy way to add additional ports. It is a single hub that provides an extension to various ports that can be connected simultaneously. Similarly, you can connect this to your computer to add additional devices like a keyboard, dongle, mouse etc.


USB hubs are handy and are for multi-purpose. If you are looking to connect multiple devices to your laptop and that your computer has only a couple of ports, then the USB hub comes in super-handy and useful. A USB hub has an advantage of using the battery in your computer even if it is unplugged. And so, powered hubs use electricity from the main port. This requires that it has to be always plugged to the main socket. Another rare yet sure use of a USB hub is that it can be used to transfer a lot of data between devices.

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USB Hub 3.0 Port-ShopUSA-India
USB Hub 2.0 Port


There are many types of USB hubs. But depending on the requirement and usability, one can choose the type of hub that will serve them the best of purpose. One of the best tips to choose the right hub is to see the number of ports it has and the second one is to know the power capacity. While many require lesser power, others might need more. ShopUSA has an array of options to choose from. Choose from many of the best brands and get the most of it.

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