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Embrace ethical and vegan beauty with Ofra

Beauty is good when it is ethical, cruelty free, and vegan. Today we bring you an amazing brand that helps you explore the world of ethical beauty. Why is it important for beauty products to be vegan and ethical you ask? Beauty should never come at the cost of another being’s life. Such products are better to avoid not only for the plant but also for your skin and mind. Ofra is a brand that sells ethical, vegan and cruelty-free beauty products.

An array range of vegan beauty products and tools

They have many beauty products ranging from eye make up to blushes, palettes, and much more. Their highlighters are a must-try. Ofra sells all beauty products from body care, eye care, face care, cleansers and toners, and skin care kits. What makes it the best is that there is nothing you won’t find at Ofra. You can also explore the various makeup tools. Their brushes are all synthetic which makes it free from animal products. Their products can be used by anyone in the makeup journey. Be it a beginner or a pro. Though their brushes are synthetic, they are still super soft, and easy to use.

Body Skin Care

Beginner or pro, Ofra is for all

Ofra also caters to other special beauty product needs like prime and set, foundation, highlighters, and much more. Along with beauty skincare is also essential and for that, Ofra has a whole range of many skincare products as well. Some of them are peels, serums, face masks, and much more. If you are a makeup and skincare enthusiast, never miss out on trying products from Ofra. ShopUSA is happy to line Ofra products to make it more accessible to our customers. Visit our official website today to shop from Ofra. And when you want insurance for your shipment, SHOPUSA suggests that insurance can be purchased in the checkout process for 3% of total shipment costs (including shipping, duties & taxes (if prepaid), product value and any other relevant charges). For more information on SHOPUSA and our valued added services, please do read our Frequently Asked Questions section or Mail us on

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