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George Washington – (Presidents Day)

American Hero

Patriotism brings with it several emotions. Above all for American citizens, the word kindles memories of the Father of the Nation, George Washington. Most importantly, his name means freedom and all things that is American. The American way of life is to work hard and enjoy the good things in life. Hence, the George Washington (Presidents) day is another day of celebration. Consequently, buying necessities and also wanting to get good deals is one of the ways to express one’s joy. As you shop, think of ShopUSA, the shipment company which reflects the discounts in the shipping charges.

February third Monday

The most noteworthy part about George Washington (Presidents) Day is that it commemorates past presidents of the USA along with George Washington. Though his birthday falls on February 17th, George Washington (Presidents) day is actually celebrated on the third Monday of February. Above all, it is a federal holiday. Hence, people get a three-day weekend to have good personal time and also pay homage to the Father of the Nation and other past Presidents on George Washington (Presidents) Day.

George Washington (Presidents) Day sale

As a result of the three-day weekend due to George Washington (Presidents) Day, people love to shop and retailers provide great deals to delight their customers. Traditionally, George Washington (Presidents) Day is known for the sale of mattresses. During the past years, stores such as JC Penney and US-Mattress seems to have certainly provided 40 to 60% off on mattresses. Even more exciting were the discounts on clothing at stores such as Gap Factory and Eddie Bauer. And as a result of shopping online, when you need shipment of the purchases, choose the Premium option of ShopUSA and get 40% discount on multiple packages.

Shipment with ShopUSA on George Washington (Presidents) Day

While celebrating George Washington (Presidents) Day, remember that the American nation is the largest trading partner of many countries. Likewise, ShopUSA is also a global company which ships to several locations within the US and also outside of US to 100 different countries. For more information on ShopUSA and our valued added services, please do read our Frequently Asked Questions section or Mail us on

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