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Refer A Friend

New Feature

Online shopping is here to stay. Above all, when a shipment company such as ShopUSA provides flexible membership options, online shopping becomes a delight. Further, for existing customers, ShopUSA offers an added value. Yes, it is the Refer a friend option. After you use the services of ShopUSA, you can refer a friend and get a good discount because of the referral. So why wait. Buy, Ship, and Refer.

How to Refer A Friend

First, you would be wondering what does referral mean. You do all the hard work of selecting the right goods from Walmart, Macys, and other stores. You have also calculated the shipment charges using the services provided by ShopUSA. Then? Actually, in the customer login page, you can select the refer a friend option from the left-hand menu. So, how does the refer a friend option work. Read on.

What’s in it for me

After you select the refer a friend option. You need to enter the details of your friend who may want to ship through ShopUSA. After your friend buys online, say from Best Buy and uses ShopUSA as the shipment company. Then, you will be provided a discount of USD 10 on your next shipment. That is how, the refer a friend option works. Isn’t this option exciting? It is more than mutually beneficial.

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Friendly Shipment

ShopUSA has evolved over the years as a great shipment option for everyone. We have been user friendly and taken steps to intimate the customers through email, after receipt of the packets. Now with the refer a friend option, our customer friendliness has been taken to the next level. Besides that, after you refer a friend, the friend is also kept posted of the several services available with ShopUSA. To know about other user-friendly practices, please do read our Frequently Asked Questions section or Mail us on

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