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St. Patrick’s Day

Patron Saint

St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated on the March 17th. Most importantly, it is a day to remember St. Patrick’s, the patron saint of Ireland. Above all, the day is celebrated to a large extent in the USA. Several traditions mark the St. Patrick’s Day festivities. The most noteworthy among them is the significance of the green colour. People tend to shop at online stores such as Claire’s during St. Patrick’s Day as they get about 50% off on accessories. Similarly, you get good rates by shipping with SHOPUSA which provides value added services such as consolidation.

St. Patrick’s Day in the USA

First, the Irish soldiers are said to have brought the tradition of St. Patrick’s Day to the USA during the 18th century. Second, the Irish immigrants who came in waves to the USA during the 19th century also started celebrating St. Patrick’s Day. While the day is not a federal holiday, parades are held in several USA cities. Festivities certainly focus on Irish themed parties and even more interesting is dying of the water bodies in green colour. Of late, shopping at stores such as Gourmet Gift Baskets for gift baskets has also become part of the tradition.

Patronise Online Stores

The most noteworthy items sold for St. Patrick’s Day are the Irish themed accessories and green gifts. While you can get 20% off on purchase of items such as sweaters, T-shirts, home goods, and such at The Irish store, Oriental Trading offers up to 50% on party supplies. Another interesting sale is at Pier 1 Imports of reusable decorations. To get shipment of your purchases on time, use the services of SHOPUSA which offer 5 days of FREE storage for Basic members and 30 days of FREE storage for Premium members.

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St. Patrick’s Day Shipment

St. Patrick’s Day though it originated in Ireland, is celebrated much more with gusto in the United States. And now it is an international festival. Likewise, SHOPUSA is also an international company and we ship within USA and outside of USA too to 100 other countries. For more information on SHOPUSA and our valued added services, please do read our Frequently Asked Questions section or Mail us on

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