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Being healthy

Mass produced food definitely lacks the needed nutrients. Consequently, people look up to ad-on to get the needed vitamins and minerals. Another important reason for intake of supplements is that they provide good fibre content. And as a result of being available online at stores such as Vitamin Shoppe, consumers find it easy to buy supplements. An added advantage is the transparent pricing provided by a shipment company like ShopUSA.

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Facts about supplements

The most noteworthy fact is that about 71% of the Americans consume them. While the reasons for such intake is varied, the major reason is that the people look for health and wellness benefits from supplements. Another important reason is that people’s belief in getting energy. And certainly, Supplement Warehouse and other stores help consumers get the best from their products. By the way, when you book your shipment through ShopUSA, we will notify you via e-mail as soon as your package(s) arrive to our warehouse. You can also Log-In to to see this information.

Why supplements

First of all, multivitamins and vitamins top the list among the most popular supplements. While Omega 3, Fibre, and Magnesium are also bought more often, protein related products are also bought by consumers. In terms of demographics, Americans over 55 years of age seem to prefer vitamin D and magnesium. And certainly, people below 35 years of age definitely prefer fibre. Most importantly, when Vitacost provides 20% on a first purchase, consumer of any age would buy their supplements.

Shipping Worldwide

Supplements from any online store, be it Vitacost or Supplement Warehouse, do boost your energy and help you manage your health. As with your health, to ensure that you leverage on shipment costs, when a package gets delivered to ShopUSA, we suggest that you examine the packaging in pictures to see if the box can be sized-down. This will save you money on shipping costs as shipping charges are often based on the Dimensional weight. For further queries, please do read our Frequently Asked Questions section or Mail us on

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