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Independence Day – Liberty to be the secret of Happiness

Significant Holiday

One of the most noteworthy holidays in the USA is the Independence Day. It falls on July 4th and is a national holiday. Above all, the USA Independence Day marks the day of liberation from colonial rule. Furthermore, several US online stores shower customers with exciting deals on this day. For example, the USA Independence Day is known for furniture sales at stores such as West Elm, Ikea, and others. And to get your packets safely on time, you may certainly want to sign up with ShopUSA.

USA Independence Day

First, a little bit about the history of Independence Day. It started on July 4, 1776, when the thirteen American colonies declared themselves as independent from Britain’s rule. Second, something about Independence Day celebrations. While people display the American national flag outside of their homes, there are fireworks displays in public places. Another important celebration is tapping of the liberty bell in Philadelphia 13 times to signify the 13 colonies at the time of Independence. Certainly, shopping at stores such as JCPenney, Ralph Lauren, and others have also become part of the tradition of the USA Independence Day.

Shopping Deals

As a result of the USA Independence Day being a national holiday, people get good time to shop. While you can get 40 to 50% discount on home decor at West Elm, Gap offers 40% off on almost everything. Likewise, JCPenney provides great deals on summer clothing. And if you are looking for deals on laptops, Dell is the site to look for. Furthermore, by opting for the Premium membership option with ShopUSA, you can get multi-package discounts and also free consolidation services.

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July 4th & ShopUSA

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