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Water Dispenser

Water – an essential element of our daily life Water is an essential element of our daily life, and we cannot imagine living without water especially drinking water. While the water was in abundance back…


February 28, 2022


Blenders in every kitchen Are you a smoothie lover? Or do you love to explore amazing food items? Then you must definitely be struggling with churning when it comes to making cream or fresh and healthy…


October 5, 2021

Electric Griddle

A treat to all epicures Are you a cooking fanatic? Then this product is just the right one for you. If there is one common problem that many cooking lovers face is the use of…


June 26, 2021


Mini-Freezers, a must-have for outdoor trips Going out on a family picnic? Indeed it is an amazing and fun time to spend with family. The most important thing to pack for a picnic is the…


June 8, 2021

Pet Supplements

Understanding Your Pet’s Needs If your fur buddy is not playing with you the way your neighbor’s pet is with his owner, then there is probably something wrong with her/him. Before ticking on any other…


February 18, 2021

Smart Kitchen Items

For a smart kitchen Technology has after all played a very important role in all our lives. In addition to helping us in our office lives, technology has helped to enhance our homes too. Smart…


August 24, 2020

Pet Food and Supplies - Send Stuff to India

Friendly Pets Though pets are our greatest friends, we need to differentiate our food from them. As a result of providing them specific pet food and supplies, we can ensure the pets’ longevity. Furthermore, you…


September 23, 2019

Chocolate & Cookies

Chocolate Delightful Shopping Indians love food. Most importantly, Indians love snacks. Probably, there are n-varieties of Indian snacks. But of late, Indians have developed a taste for chocolates and cookies too. And as a result…


May 27, 2019