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National Geographic’s Gross Chemistry Set

Transform your child's learning experience into a world of scientific wonder with the National Geographic Gross Chemistry Set. This engaging science kit, designed for children aged 8 years and up, brings together 10 delightfully gross experiments that promise a perfect blend of fun and education.

Picture your kids making boiled boogers, filling a jar with eyeballs, dissecting a brain, and creating glow-in-the-dark worms – all in the name of scientific exploration. But the adventure doesn't end there! The kit includes a bonus experiment guide with 10 additional experiments using everyday household items, ensuring the learning never stops.

Equipped with everything your child needs, this hands-on STEM kit is a gateway to a world of discovery. The easy-to-follow instructions provide step-by-step guidance, accompanied by illustrations and scientific explanations that make each experiment not only gross but also fascinating. Your little scientists will mix, mold, measure, and pour their way through experiments like the Vomiting Test Tube, Bursting Blood Cells, and Glorious Guts.

Beyond the gross-out factor, this kit offers a valuable learning experience in polymers, chemical reactions, pH science, and more. It's not just a toy; it's a comprehensive STEM set suitable for both boys and girls. National Geographic's STEM series is committed to delivering high-quality educational toys that promise both enjoyment and satisfaction. If your child's experience falls short of extraordinary, National Geographic guarantees your satisfaction.

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National Geographic's Gross Chemistry Set_ShopUSA
National Geographic's Gross Chemistry Set_ShopUSA

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