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Calvin Klein

Shopping for fashion Fashion has never been of less importance for Indians. Now with international brands like Calvin Klein easily accessible online, Indians have been setting their wardrobes right. They certainly want to make a…


April 15, 2020

Easter Sunday

Day of celebration India is a culturally diverse land. Hence celebrations of every religion are conducted with a lot of fun and fervor. So is Easter Sunday. Most importantly, Christians believe that Jesus Christ was resurrected…


March 11, 2020

St. Patrick's Day

Day of Celebration Have you seen the Gateway of India in Mumbai turn green? Yes. It does so on St. Patrick’s day. Most importantly, the day is in recognition of St. Patrick, the patron saint of…


March 1, 2020

Students Deals

Students Deals Schools and Colleges is the finest places to gain knowledge. The education system has always been unique and brief. Schools, Colleges and Universities offer many cultural based and scientific experimental coaching to the…


August 7, 2019

Women's Fashion

Colorful Clothing Indian women have always been aware of their dress. Above all, India is a mixture of different cultures, Indian clothing has always been colorful and fashionable. And even more colorful has been the…


March 12, 2019