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Headphones have a lot of variety and differentiation. While wireless headphones use Bluetooth, wired headphones connect to your audio device using a wire. Another differentiation in headphones is the over-ear vs. the on-ear. While in over-ear headphones, the cushioned earcups enclose the ears, in the on-ear headphones, the cushion does not enclose the ears, but sits on the outer ear. Most importantly, when you buy headphones from stores such as Dell or Best Buy, do look for special features such as noise cancellation, voice resistance, and so on. Likewise, when you sign up with ShopUSA for your shipments, select the appropriate membership option.

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Musical instruments

As a result of shopping for headphones, certainly you would be musically inclined. Hence you may want to buy musical instruments from stores such as Musician’s Friend, Online Music Store, and so on. The musical instruments at these stores range from guitars, bass guitars, banjos, and what not. Even more interesting is the listing of the best deals on musical instruments by these stores. Probably, the details about top selling musical instruments at these stores provide you the perfect guide for shopping. Furthermore, be aware that when you get shipments of musical instruments or for that matter any other shipment through ShopUSA, shipping & handling charges include handling in USA warehouse and shipping to your doorstep.

Special features

The most noteworthy part about buying headphones and musical instruments is that you can check out the special features. For example, some headphones are bio-metric and help in monitoring your heart rate. The Best Buy site certainly provides much more details. Likewise, you may want to check options from Apple such as the ear pods with lighting connector. And if you are buying musical instruments through Amazon, they do categorize the products which makes it easier for you to select.

Music with ShopUSA

First of all, when you buy headphones or musical instruments from Dell, Best Buy, and so on, and then book them for shipment. ShopUSA suggests that to calculate the cost, using our “Shipping Calculator” located in the header of You can also see your shipment costs in your Log-In page. For more information on ShopUSA and our valued added services, please do read our Frequently Asked Questions section or Mail us on

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