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Smart Speakers And Home Assistants –

Why Smart Speakers?

You are having a relaxing weekend. Above all, you are listening to soothing music. Most importantly, your audio speaker is performing its role quite well. Suddenly, you want to give a voice command to the speaker to change the playlist. Furthermore, you want it to check and read out your schedule for the next day. Wondering, is all these possible! Yes, they are with smart speakers. Above all, talking of smartness, ShopUSA with its superior service is the smart option for your shipments.

Smart Speakers trail

First of all, the credit goes to Amazon for introducing the very first smart speakers. And it was the Amazon Echo with the in-built artificial intelligence, namely Alexa. Likewise, Google came up with Google Home and as they say, the rest is history. Smart Speakers now can control the entire home with just a voice command. You just utter a few magical phrases and the artificial intelligence inside the smart speakers does the rest. While it is Alexa for Echo, it is Google Assistant for Google and Siri for Apple. Most importantly each of them is compatible with different apps and services.

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Options for Smart Speakers

As a result of the revolution in the smart speakers, many similar products have flooded the markets. The earliest entrant Amazon Echo is compact, cost effective, and does not overwhelm your smart home. While Google Home has similar features, it is compatible with only a few third-party apps. In contrast to these two, Apple HomePod is compatible only with Apple services and iOS. Seems like running out of options for versatile smart speakers? Probably not. The Alexa-enabled Sonos One which can also interact with Siri could consequently be a great option. Yes, there may be different options for smart speakers. But the only option for smart shipments is ShopUSA.

Smart Shipments

You have chosen a great option for your smart homes. Not just the quality of your audios, the control of your homes has been enhanced with the purchase of the smart speakers. We are sure you have used the online mode for your purchase. Therefore, how do you get your shipments home? Sign up with ShopUSA which offers multiple packaging options such as consolidation, repack, multi packaging discount, and so on. For further queries, please do read our Frequently Asked Questions section or Mail us on

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