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ShopUSA is an expert organization that assists to shop in USA and then shipping to India from the USA. Our team of experts will guide you to get all your favourite items when you shop online in USA such as electronics gadgets, cosmetics, supplements, apparels, imported auto spare parts, and so on. You may not find these items in India and even if you find such products, they may be too costly. Hence shop online in the USA, and we would be able to facilitate Shipping Products from USA to India.



ShopUSA provides a Free USA Address to Shop at any USA Stores


Shopp online in USA using our shipping address: 1424 Baker Road, Virginia Beach, VA 23455.


Login to consolidate your packages and/or create shipment.The more you ship, the more you SAVE!


We ship to +100 countries in only 2-4 days with tracking to your doorstep and no hidden fees!

1. Free Sign Up

Wondering how to shop in USA stores and then ship from USA to India? It is easy. Create an account with ShopUSA to Get Your USA Address in Virginia and use it while shopping online so as to access all the USA online stores. We provide two memberships - Basic or Premium. You may choose any one and get your Virtual USA Address so as to ship from USA to India.

2. Shop in USA

Shop in USA online stores and get your products sent to your USA address. Then, as part of your process to shop and ship to India, in your ShopUSA account, you can choose multiple tasks for your packages or all items in a single box.

3. Ship and Save

ShopUSA offers the following two Shipping Methods to ship packages from the USA to India: Economy and Priority. You may opt for the service that is feasible for you.

4. Receive In India

When your packages reach India, we will deliver your packages to the India shipping address that you have chosen with hassle free Clearance.

Ship products from the USA to anywhere in India with ShopUSA

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Attractive USA Online stores

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Attractive USA Online stores

Modern shopping malls across the USA are very attractive and filled with all the new launches which are first launched in the USA stores. We have provided a list of few stores where you can find the best deals and offers all throughout the year.

Note that the USA online stores provide great offers during special events. Shop Online in the USA during these events and hence get great deals.

Blog about USA

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It is an open secret that we all love the United States and certainly want to know how to shop in USA. That's why we've got an editorial team which writes exciting articles concerning all the excitement of USA Holiday Sales!

If you, like us, have a passion for the United States, we tend to suggest that you just follow our Blog , wherein we provide finer details about the big and small Offers from USA online stores

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Our Customer Service:

Shopusa Article

Our Customer Service:

We believe that you had a good experience after choosing ShopUSA as your lifetime shipping partner to get your packages at your door step in India.

Reach us on + 91 7305 605 605 - Mail Us: – Send Message Via WhatsApp

For detailed explanation you can Reach Us and also visit our Frequently Asked Questions.

Is there any Restrictions for Import?

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We first identify the goods received at the USA address that are classified as “Dangerous Goods”, Weapons and its accessories, flammable materials, and Alcoholic drugs. The list also includes kitchen knives, perfumes (gas), and nail polish.

We have also created a list based on the guidelines provided by Indian Customs. The list provides you knowledge about the Restricted & Prohibited Goods goods which you cannot shop and ship to India.

If your package(s) falls under the dangerous goods category, we will have to clarify with the Indian customs and the USA Customs, as well.

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