Lithium Batteries:

Can be Shipped:


  1. Laptop with battery outside of laptop CAN ship, as long as battery is under 100 Wh and packaged with equipment (same box, inside of another box).
  2. Camera & camera battery CAN ship.
  • Per NEW regulations only 1 battery per shipment with equipment.
  • Must be sent in box, no longer shipped inside of padded pouch or poly bag.


Regulations have not changed for iPhone, iPad, Kindle, Nook, etc.

Cannot be shipped from USA to India.


  1. With Equipment - All instances are prohibited
  2. In Equipment - All instances are prohibited
  3. Loose - All instances are prohibited


  1. Over 2.7 Wh and less than 100 Wh per battery and more than two batteries per box, OR
  2. Over 2.7 Wh and less than 100 Wh per battery and more than 8 cells per package


  1. I.E. - Power banks, battery packs, cell phone batteries, laptop batteries.
  2. All external battery packs and power banks are now regulated to ship and listed as hazardous.

Commonly Prohibited Items


  1. Cash (banknotes and coins)
  2. Travelers checks
  3. Any monetary instrument in bearer form
  4. Counterfeit or imitation money
  5. Credit cards and credit card readers


  1. Cigarettes
  2. Electronic cigarettes and liquid
  3. Cigars
  4. Tobacco
  5. Tobacco products including chewing tobacco


  1. Restrictions apply. Please carefully check Lithium Batteries and Electronic Products that require them before you purchase any lithium batteries or electronic items that include lithium batteries.
  2. Certain radio transmitters and cordless phones may not be approved for use in your country.


For the safety of our staff and that of our carriers, we prohibited the shipment of sharp objects.

  1. Axes
  2. Darts
  3. Bows and arrows
  4. Bayonets, Etc.


India prohibits importation of used items of any nature, whether for personal, commercial or professional use unless consignee is able to obtain a Special Import License (SIL) granted by the Director General of Foreign Trade in India.


  1. Gambling equipment and apparatus
  2. Poker chips
  3. Lottery tickets and other similar prize tickets


  1. Frozen items, items requiring refrigeration
  2. Fresh flowers
  3. Living plants, trees, bushes
  4. Seeds
  5. Perishable foods (e.g., cheese, milk, yoghurt, eggs, meat, fish, seafood)
  6. Live bait


  1. Drink powders and syrups such as coffee creamers, flavored syrups, artificial sweeteners
  2. Food gift baskets, frozen foods
  3. Dietary supplements including acai berry tabs and supplements, weight loss kits, amino acid supplements, adult male supplements, alertec supplements, anabolic 7, diet pills, fish oil vitamins and supplements, herbal supplements, vitamin supplements
  4. Bodybuilding supplies, nutrition bars, protein drinks, traditional Chinese tonic


  1. Bullion, gold and other precious metals
  2. Loose precious stones
  3. Gold, silver and platinum jewelry
  4. Antiques
  5. Rare coins


  1. Sex toys, clothing and equipment
  2. Pornographic material
  3. Erotic publications (e.g., videos and DVDs)


  1. Products or beverages containing alcohol
  2. Counterfeit or "pirated" goods; items that infringe intellectual property rights (e.g., trademarks, copyrights or patents)
  3. Documents and personal mail
  4. Ashes, human remains


  1. Controlled chemicals, including substances that are precursors or chemicals for manufacture of dangerous drugs or psychotropic substances
  2. Narcotic drugs
  3. Unlicensed drugs including synthetic cannabis (often packaged as "herbal incense", "herbal potpourri" or similar descriptions)
  4. Infectious substances
  • Firearms and Weapons
  1. Guns, including
    • Revolvers
    • Rifles
    • Pistols and other firearms (or parts thereof)
    • Starter pistols
    • Rifle scopes
  2. Ammunition and associated products; bullets
  3. Offensive weapons, including
    • Mace
    • Pepper spray
    • Stun guns
    • Tasers
    • Martial arts weapons
    • Hand grenades
    • Flick knives
    • Throwing knives
    • Brass knuckles, "knuckle dusters"
  4. Imitation weapons, including
    • Toy guns
    • Toy pistols
    • Toy grenades

Explosive, Toxic and Dangerous Products:

  1. Irradiating apparatus and radioactive materials
  2. Explosives including gunpowder and dynamite
  3. Firecrackers and fireworks
  4. Fire extinguishers
  5. Asbestos
  6. Cigarette lighters, gas lighters
  7. Poisons
  8. Hair regrowth products, e.g., Rogaine
  9. Goods that are potentially flammable, including
    • Perfumes
    • Colognes
    • Eau de toilette
    • Fragrance spray
    • Makeup remover
    • Aftershave lotion
    • Nail polish
    • Nail polish remover
    • Some hair care products
    • Aerosols; any product in an aerosol can
    • Compressed gas or gas cylinders
    • Fuels
    • Gasoline (petrol)
    • Gas torches
    • Engine oil
    • Motor oil
    • Essential oil
    • Lighters with fuel; lighter fluid
    • Turpentine
    • Paint thinner
    • Household cleaners
    • Paint and paint guns
    • Varnishes
    • Stains
    • Solvents
    • Glue and adhesives
    • Paintball tanks, guns and grenades
    • Printer toner cartridges
  10. Laboratory chemicals
  11. Chimney cleaner
  12. Drain cleaner
  13. Oven cleaner
  14. Bleach
  15. Pesticides and fungicides
  16. Chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs)
  17. Antifreeze
  18. Automotive products, including
    • Brake fluid
    • Coolants
    • Degreasers
    • Hydraulic fluid
    • Power steering fluid
    • Transmission fluid
    • Vehicle cleaning solutions
    • Performance additives
  19. Please carefully check Lithium Batteries and Electronic Products that require them before you purchase any lithium batteries or electronic items that include lithium batteries.

Weapons and Warfare:

  1. Munitions of war
  2. Any products or intended for use or which could be used in chemical or biological weapons, missile technology, or nuclear proliferation
  3. Any items specially designed, modified, adapted or configured for military use and any "dual use" items (those with both commercial and military/police uses) including but not limited to
    • Projection telescopes specially designed for use with Super High-Power Laser ("SHPL") systems
    • Handcuffs, leg cuffs, ankle cuffs, police-type batons
    • Polygraph (lie-detector) equipment
    • Military helmets
    • Night vision equipment (e.g., goggles, binoculars)
    • Bulletproof clothing; flak jackets
    • Nuclear material
    • Surveillance and eavesdropping equipment (including hidden cameras, infrared and thermal imaging cameras)
    • Lasers, radar, sonar systems
    • Telecommunications equipment designed to operate underwater, or at extremely high or low temperatures, or to withstand radiation
    • Spraying or fogging systems
    • Software used for active flight control purposes, or designed or modified to use "cryptography" employing digital techniques performing any cryptographic function other than authentication or digital signature; military encryption software; software employing a key length greater than 64 bits for the symetric algorithm
    • Aircraft and aircraft parts
  4. Any other goods subject to government export restrictions or requiring an export license
  5. Items destined for countries subject to U.S. or international embargoes
  6. Items addressed to U.S. or international lists of prohibited persons and entities.